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"17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand"

GH Student Book Club

The student book club meets every Thursday at lunch in the back room of the Media Center. Students eat their lunch & discuss books from different genres.
All are welcome, & dessert is provided!

GH Teacher Book Club

The teacher book club meets once a month for dinner & discussion. All members read the same book, and books are chosen from different genres, both fiction & non-fiction. Contact Carolyn Meddock (Social Studies), Bonnie Addison, or Jan Healy if you are interested.

Did you know? According to Younger Americans' Reading and Library Habits, from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 83 percent of Americans aged 16-29 read a book in the past year, compared to 78 percent of all Americans over 16. High school and college age respondents were most likely to have done so—college aged adults have the highest overall reading rate of any age group—and adults aged 65 and older, the least. Though of course much of younger adults' reading is for school or work, about three-quarters say they read for pleasure or to keep up with current events.
From Pew: Younger Americans Reading More By M eredith Schwartz