Come visit us...
To schedule a class...
  • Go to http://greenhopehigh/

  • Look at the calendar to see if the times you need are open. The gray, red, & yellow areas are in the Media Center; the aqua area is Room 3212. The green area is the table area with the LCD projector.

  • Click Media Center Signup & fill out the form. We will contact you if there is a problem.

Circ Desk.JPG

While you are in the MC...

  • Teachers supervise student conduct and work.

  • Substitutes are not allowed to bring classes to the MC per WCPSS policy.

  • Students should stay seated until the bell.

To send students from class...

  • Fill out a green MC pass with the student’s name, date, & time.We will sign it when the student leaves.

  • Call for availability if you need to send more than 3 students at a time.

  • Students may use the MC without a pass before & after school & at lunch.

If you are a student who needs to schedule time for your club, contact Ms. Healy or Ms. Addison.